ROX Dragons

Sung-Ho “Chanel” Kang


Chanel is a Runner-Up of The King of Iron Fist Tournament 2016 and EVO Japan 2018, losing to compatriots Saint and Knee respectively in the Grand Finals. He was also a Runner-Up at the True Gaming Invitational 2019, winning $25,000 at the most prestigious Tekken 7 tournament of all time, losing to Qudans in a reset at the Grand Finals.


Before EVO Japan 2018, Chanel signed with ROX Dragons on their Tekken division and plays alongside his teammate ROX Knee, and reps one of the strongest Tekken teams in the esports scene.


Meet Chanel’s ROX Dragon teammates:


ROX Knee

ROX Infested


4th Place Tekken Crash 3 2009.12.16
3rd Place Tekken crash 4 2010.05.22
5th Place Tekken crash 5 2010.09.13
Champion Tekken crash 9 2015.09.15
2016 The king of iron fist tournament 2016 준우승
2016 Tekken Stars Cup1 우승
2016 Tekken Stars Cup2 우승
2016 Tekken Stars Cup4 우승
2016 TEKKEN STRIK 3:3 준우승
2017 Tekken Stars Cup5 우승
2017 TWT Korea 8위
2017 TWT Japan 준우승
2017 Tekken Stars Cup10 우승
2017 TWT Taiwan 4위
2018 EVO JAPAN 준우승
2018 Tekken Stars Arena s2 준우승
2018 Final Round 4위
2018 TWT Thailand 9위
2018 Tekken Stars Cup14 준우승
2018 TWT Korea 7위
2018 TWT Melbourne 13위
2018 TWT Illinois 5위
2018 AfreecaTV 철권 멸망전 시즌1 우승
2018 Tekken World Tour Finals 4위
2019 True Gaming Invitatinal 2위
2019 AfreecaTV 철권 멸망전 시즌2 우승